Meet Our Staff 

Glen Baker

Glen was born in 1962 in Little Rock Arkansas. He lived and worked in Arkansas for most of his life, taking much pride in his trade of manufacturing. In 2014, he met his current wife, and together, they decided to move to Jacksonville Florida. Glen has been retired for quite some time, so being the webmaster of an internet radio station was right up his alley. Glen enjoys music of almost any kind, reading, working on the computer, and helping others with it, and conversations with good friends. He is the Epic Radio webmaster, and in charge of most of the station’s promotions. He is also an on-air personality.

Kaye Baker

Kaye was born in Atlanta Georgia in 1970. She lived in Atlanta for most of her life. She attended Georgia State University with a major in Social Work. In 2005, Kaye began working for the Federal Government where she still is employed. After meeting her husband in 2014, they decided to move to Jacksonville Florida.

Kaye realized Broadcasting as a hobby in 2017 when a small internet radio station was looking for on air talent. She along with her husband of 2 years Glen, and 2 friends decided recently to begin what is now Epic Radio.

Kaye assists with social media as well as other administration tasks as well as continuing to be a DJ.


Angela Stough

Angela was born in Dothan Alabama in 1964. She attended college at what is now Troy University where she studied Social Work. She worked for the state of Alabama as a rehabilitation teacher for 28 years.

She currently enjoys her retirement and keeps busy with reading, book clubs, and managing several chats on various websites.

Angela's husband of 14 years has been the station manager of several internet radio stations, and now it only seems fitting that she join in. She currently runs a show on Epic Radio called Angela's music box playing all kinds of music.

Terry Stough

Terry was born in Reel Town Alabama in 1965. He attended the University of Alabama where he majored in Broadcasting. Terry worked in radio in places such as Tallassee, and Gadsden. In 2017, he retired from his own business venture Bama Vending company. He has enjoyed his retirement and has been keeping busy managing a couple of small internet radio stations. Recently, Terry, his wife Angela and 2 friends decided to create a joint venture that is now Epic Radio. He is the station’s manager, and one of the DJ’s. It is his hope that Epic Radio will be going strong for years to come.

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